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SGM/PATAC Guangde Proving Ground Opened

  (September 22, 2012) Today, the SGM/PATAC Guangde Proving Ground opening ceremony was successfully held after half and two years of construction. The Guangde Proving Ground is the most professional proving ground in the world which has the largest area,longest test events and the most comprehensive facilities. Many of the new facilities are the first of their kinds in China and are among the best in the world.

  The 5.67-square-kilometer Guangde Proving Ground in Guangde County, Anhui, represents an investment of RMB 1.6 billion. It includes more than 60 kilometers of test roads along with a comprehensive range of support facilities that enable it to carry out testing involving 67 different driving conditions. Shanghai GM and PATAC are overseeing the proving ground¨s operation.

  The proving ground can carry out development, validation, certification, quality control evaluation, load data collection and analysis for vehicles under 7.5 tons. It can accommodate up to 140 vehicles for testing simultaneously. About 20 million kilometers worth of testing are expected to be conducted annually.

  To simulate different driving conditions in China, the proving ground contains eight specific test areas: an oval track, vehicle dynamics test area, long straightaway, ride and handling loop, noise test road, durability test area, environment test area and hill test area. In addition, it has 23,000 square meters of auxiliary space for labs, repair facilities and private workshops.

  The Guangde Proving Ground will support the design and development of vehicles by Shanghai GM and PATAC, significantly improving testing efficiency, shortening product development time and reducing testing costs. It will complement PATAC¨s facilities in Shanghai, which include the NVH Lab, Vehicle Safety Lab, Envision Visualization Center and Climate Wind Tunnel.

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